The 72 Hour Cabin Henriksholm

It is at Henriksholm that the participants of The 72 Hour Cabin case study stayed. An island in lake Ånimmen in the heart of Dalsland, Henriksholm is 60% forest and 40% grazing for highland cattle. A perfect retreat just two hours north of Gothenburg.

We would like to welcome you to spend time in the Swedish countryside in our 72 hour Cabin. Relax and unwind at one of the island’s beautiful glass houses.

Henriksholm is a privately owned island of some 100 hectares, half of it covered in woodland and half of it in meadow. People have lived here since the 14th century.

The island is partly owned by the Berger family and their 18-bedroom house and pavilion can be rented by the week (self-catering). To get to the island from the mainland you take the private car-ferry, or small boat.

You reach your accommodation after a 15-minute walk through woodlands. During your 72 hour stay you stay in comfort and close to nature. And you have access to typically Swedish nature-based activities. Take a walk, sit by the lakeside and fish, or go boating in one of the beautiful oak rowboats. Walking tips, a fishing rod and rowboats are included.

The Accommodation at The 72 Hour Cabin


The interiors of the houses are typically Scandinavian: light and natural. You sleep in comfortable 120cm wide beds, with a warm duvet, white sheets and cosy woollen blanket. Candles and a candle lantern hanging from the ceiling provide illumination night-time.

  • Wastepaper bin/bucket with lid
  • Cleaning kit (brush and shovel, dusting cloth)
  • Doormat – outside for wiping off shoes
  • Doormat – inside for storing shoes
  • Storage drawer under bed
  • Unbleached cotton curtains

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An Homage to Swedish Natural Settings

The glass houses have been built to be a part of the natural scenery. The size, construction, design and colour scheme embed them into their surroundings. The designer Jeanna Berger describes the houses as an homage to typically Swedish and Dalsland natural settings. The roof and sides of the houses are made of glass and the houses stand on pillars so that they leave the smallest possible footprint on the landscape. The inspiration for the glass house is derived from Dalsland barns.

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72 Hour Cabins

In autumn 2017 five people with stressful jobs were given the chance to find a new perspective on life at a 72-hour stay set in the natural surroundings of Dalsland. Why don’t you try to find a new perspective on life in one of these unique glass houses?

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