Two locations in the middle of Dalsland, Sweden

At the end of a beautiful peninsula in lake Iväg sits Stenebynäs, a location with four houses, each different and available for reservations. A few miles away in lake Ånimmen lies Henriksholm Island, a stunning manor house which could be your kingdom for a week or more.

Since 1990, we, the Berger family (Staffan & Maria, Jeanna, Henrika and Axel) have lived in harmony with nature at Stenebynäs.

We warmly invite you to Stenebynäs and Henriksholm Island, two beautiful locations with plenty of character and lots of experiences. Right in the heart of Dalsland.

Stenebynäs is located on a peninsula in lake Iväg and spans over a 100 hectares. Here, we offer four fully-equipped houses of various sizes with lots of charm. Explore Lake Iväg by boat, canoe or kayak and you are almost guaranteed to catch some fish. Or go walking in the typical Dalsland forests with their rich wildlife.

Over at Henriksholm Island in lake Ånimmen stands a gorgeous manor house whose history dates back to the 15th century which you can make into your own kingdom for a week or more. Lake Ånimmen too is known for its excellent fishing and a restaurant sits just across the lake.

We have been proud to call Stenebynäs our home since 1990. We welcome you to both Stenebynäs and Henriksholm Island, where we promise you will have a fantastic experience.

– Staffan & Maria Berger