Henriksholm Lake Ånimmen

Make Henriksholm your own kingdom for at least a week.

Henriksholm is an island in lake Ånimmen, Dalsland, of over 100 hectares of land and 260 hectares of private water around the island. Its history spans many years and starts in the early 15th century.

On the island stands our beautiful manor house which has room for a total of 8 people, with all the amenities you need. Across lake Ånimmen you will also find a restaurant.

Lake Ånimmen is well-known for its excellent fishing. At Henriksholm you have access to private shores that are over 6km long which means you can fish both from land or from the small traditional rowing boats you have access to.

Wouldn’t you like to bring your friends or family and make Henriksholm your kingdom for a week or more?

The Accommodation at Henriksholm

The Manor House

Stay at the manor house at Henriksholm which has room for 8 people. In addition to the house, you have access to traditional rowing boats which quickly takes you to the excellent fishing locations that lake Ånimmen offers you.

  • Up to 8 people
  • Small Traditional Rowing Boats

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The Pavillion

The Pavillion is a smaller house nearby the manor house at Henriksholm. It is suitable for up to 4 people who can sleep in two double rooms. It is bookable together with the manor house.

  • Up to 4 people
  • 2 Double Bedrooms

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72 Hour Cabins

It is at Henriksholm that the participants of the 72 Hour Cabin Study stayed. An island in lake Ånimmen in the heart of Dalsland, Henriksholm is 60% forest and 40% grazing for highland cattle. A perfect retreat just two hours north of Gothenburg. You can book your very own 72 Hour Cabin experience with us too.

  • 72 Hour Cabin
  • Full Nature Access
  • Meals included

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72 Hour Cabins

In autumn 2017 five people with stressful jobs were given the chance to find a new perspective on life at a 72-hour stay set in the natural surroundings of Dalsland. Why don’t you try to find a new perspective on life in one of these unique glass houses?

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